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Where do you want to be?

Cara knows that choosing the right home is a big decision.  You need a home that is the right size and fit for the things that are important to you.  Cara knows the market and knows our area.  She will be able to help you choose a home that is the best fit for you, your family, your lifestyle.  Cara has an in depth knowledge of the local real estate market as well as the transaction process so you will be taken care of at each step along the way.   Cara is dedicated to excellent service and superior results  which will exceed your expectations. 

Cara understands each step of the transaction and will watch over your interests from setting up your search through to the closing table.  Cara will set up targeted searches to find a home that best meets your needs and desires.  Cara is a trusted resource for each step of the transaction from selecting a home, negotiating, inspecting, coordinating with your lender, and making sure you are prepared for closing.

Whether you are a first time buyer, investment buyer, empty nester, or something in between, Cara will help you find the home that is just right for you!